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Tim Sabatino

I work in Los Angeles, United States
Hi, my name is Tim Sabatino. I've been a full time pro photographer since 1994. I specialize in lighting & medium-large format cameras. My specialty subject matter is people, fashion, editorial, product & lifestyle. Please see more of my work on my website at www.timsabatino.com, instagram at @timsabatinophoto. My work has been published in dozens of magazines and I have published 2 table photo books & am working on a 3rd. Thank you for considering me to shoot your next project. -Tim

Portfolio Photos

Actor Miles Teller
Model, actress, athlete Table Tennis World Champion See Yoen Lee
Beauty shoot for LORAC Cosmetics
actress Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter
James Goldstein Residence promo
maternity shoot with model Ariana Fronti
Grant Cardone Billionaire real estate mogul
Fashion model Jenly Crespo
actress Lucy Hale star of Pretty Little Liars


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