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David McWhirter

I work in Indianapolis, United States
I am a career (20 year) IT Manager and lifelong hobbyist photographer who was inspired in 2018 to pursue his passion and build a photography business. In 2019 I began shooting freelance covering events and concerts for several local blogs and publications and later in the year I began taking on my first paid customers. My goals for a post-COVID 2020 are to continue to strengthen my new client pipeline with the potential 2021 goal of leaving my 9-5 and making my photography my full-time job.

Portfolio Photos

Glamour / Model Portrait Example
Former Power Ranger Jason David Frank at PopCon Indy 2019
Headshot Example
Rock band Alter Bridge performing in Indianapolis at Old Nation Centre Feb 9th, 2020
Food Example
Wedding Portrait Example
Event Example
Twilight Real Estate
Food Example


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