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enrico procentese

I work in Milan, Italy
Enrico Procentese is an Italian photographer. Born and grown up surrounded by the colors of the Neapolitan sea, he soon understands he is the owner of a peculiar perspective and he starts expressing his point of view through his ageless passion: photography. Born in 1990, Enrico loves capturing beauty in every little thing that surrounds him, transforming it in highly communicative images. His aim is to find Beauty in real and authentic things, thus enabling Beauty be an instrument that can help human beings evolve in a positive way. The amazement felt when looking at Enrico’s works is the same felt by a little child that gains what he wants: this is how we can return to live our emotions fully, leaving behind us the mental and social superstructures conveyed by the media, thus embracing a new feeling that comes straight from the heart. Enrico currently lives in Milan, driven by his great love for art, travels, cinema and music. Enrico makes reportage and photo tours all over the world: he looks intently at all the aspects of the everyday life and he believes photography is an instrument capable of describing in a personal way social and cultural realities, catching little moments of natural, human or architectural poetry through the gold rectangle of the camera. Bound to black and white photography, Enrico was particularly interested in representing and describing every single aspect of the rural world. In 2012 he started cooperating as a travel blogger with the Italian edition of Condé Nast Traveller and in 2013 with FAI ( Fondo Ambiente Italiano – Italian Association for the Environment) as official photographer for certain projects related to the safeguard and promotion of the Italian natural and cultural heritage, amongst which ranks also Via Lattea. Starting from 2014 he is the Director of the online magazine The View.

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