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Jeremiah Johnson Sr.

I work in Dallas, United States
Jeremiah Johnson Photography (Dallas, TX) is a branch of The Help Studios, a professional photography and video service owned and operated by the international award-winning pro photographer Jeremiah Johnson Sr.. Based in Farmers Branch, we have served all of Texas and DFW surrounding areas for 20+ years. We specialize in many areas of press photography including, corporate headshots and actor portraits, editorial and advertising, Fitness & Model photography and real-estate, magazine and newspaper photography including fashion, event photographer, and commercial photography and much more.

Portfolio Photos

Press Work at the Mavericks Game: Jeremiah Johnson Sr. with Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban!
Working on a Nike Commercial Shoot!
Press Photography at the Rangers Game in Arlington, TX!
Model Shoot for Apple
Draya Michele Fashion - #PPP5 Model Show
Verizon's "How Sweet The Sound"
Press Photographer for Verizon's "How Sweet The Sound" Event!


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