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David Rauzi

I work in Grangeville, United States
Photography has been part of my life since starting with a Kodak Instamatic in elementary school, advancing to a Braun rangefinder in high school journalism, and advancing to film and later digital Olympus and Nikon cameras in my college and professional career. I've been a professional full-time photographer, working multiple beats and worn through multiple cameras, since 1990.

Portfolio Photos

woman jumps into Salmon River at Pine Bar Recreation Area, Idaho County, Idaho; August 2011
Jakes Day; boy tries his hand at archery; Grangeville, Idaho
confluence of Lochsa and Selway rivers in Idaho County, Idaho; fall; off U.S. Highway 12.
Larry Ramos of The Association; in concert, 2014.
military funeral, October. 2014; Richland, Wash.
Princesses Tea: girls opportunity to have tea with Idaho County Fair Royalty.
offloading grain at CHS Primeland, August; Grangeville, Idaho
lightning strike, Grangeville, Idaho, 2014
Historic bomber at 2012 Warbird Weekend, Grangeville, Idaho.


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