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Raylene Oates

I work in Pensacola, United States
Art has always been a form of expression for me. My Hobbies are Taking pitures, Traveling & Listening to Music! Photography is the form of Art that I choose to use with the world. It allows me to show the world how I see things thru my Eyes. I absolutely love to see happy people, places and things. I believe that smiling, laughter and having fun is the remedy to Healing Ones SOUL!! Being able to capture what means the most to my clients is a joy in life. It means alot to work in a fun, high spirited atmosphere. I really enjoy doing all types of photography. I am not really sure, if I only like one form of photography at this point... I love to travel just to see the landscapes. So many beautiful people, flowers, animals, and bodies of water.Capturing God's wonderful creations everyday I open my Eyes is what I live for! “There is no peace more wonderful than the peace we enjoy when faith shows us God in all created things.”— Jean-Pierre de Caussde

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