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Jussi Ulkuniemi

I work in Oulu, Finland
21-year old photographer, photographing from interior shots and events all the way to conceptual art. I have started a commercial name just recently, but I've been working in a lot of different projects before. Surprisingly, my passion to photography rose from an unexpected direction, through the new era of mobile photography culture, which, in 3 years time turned into an all around professional photography career. I couldn't be happier of my choice!

Portfolio Photos

Heidi and Anttis's Wedding
Heidi and Anttis's Wedding
Heidi and Anttis's Wedding
Ruokatieto.fi Stock Photo
Wild Palms - Teatria
Ruokatieto.fi - Event
Interior Photography
Events - TYP12
The Chit Chat Club - Conceptual photography


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