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I work in Paris, France
French photographer based in Paris but open-minded to other cultures, speaking English and Spanish, traveling a lot all over the world. Photographer since 6 years, my will is to respect and learn from the past with his fantastics historic film-photographers and keeping looking at the future with the new techniques opened by the digital photography. My favourites areas : Landscape and Panoramic Wedding Live-Performing (concert, theatre...) Objects photography for websites Photo report...

Portfolio Photos

China Moses and Sly Johnson guest in "Sankofa soul contest" final 2012, Cabaret sauvage, Paris
Wedding in Paris region, 2012
Panoramic view of the "eldorado" legend place : Laguna sagrada de Guatavita, Cundinamarca, Colombia. 2010
Old fashion technique style panoramic photo in a German-Colombian Wedding. 2012
on of the hundreds of objects shot for a parisian online sells website, 2010-2011


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