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Vineet Kumar

I work in Bangalore, India
My name is Vineet Kumar.I am a twenty five years old fine artist specialized in photography and graphic arts form college of fine arts, Bangalore. Currently, I live in Bangalore,but I was born in Patna,Bihar.  I develop my love for photography when I was at college. I do not class myself as an expert,but I like to think that I developed the necessary technical skills for serious photography.  I had my solo exhibition in Auroville,Pondicherry,in 2010.When I work in a fresh and contemporary style to produce natural and genuine images that will be treasured for years to come. ​ Photography has always been my main passion. My subject mainly related to street,people and their lives. I do freelance work but also take assignments related to advertising and fashion. I have also contributed photographs to promote tourism for Hamirpur district,H.P.  I particularly love photographing in natural and real life stories.My photography passion is people and favorite thing about them are capturing the emotions and moods.

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