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Nuno Guimaraes

I work in Natal, Brazil
I´m a press photographer based in Brazil. Born in Porto, Portugal. Currently working for Getty Images Latin América, Gazeta Press and Frame photo agencies, covering news, sports, features and special projects. My work as been published in the worldwide media such as National Geographic book, Daily Mail (UK), Fakt Magazine (Poland), Diário do Comércio (Brazil), Correio da Manhã (Portugal), among others. Available for freelancing with digital top-of-line equipment and a mobile platform.

Portfolio Photos

Uefa Euro Futsal Cup - Final - Portugal
Portuguese singer Dulce Pontes at Sheraton Hotel - Porto - Portugal
Rock and Rio Music Festival - Lisbon - Portugal 2004
Former portuguese prime-minister José Sócrates PS Party campaign - Porto - Portugal
Photoshoot Brazilian singer Marina Elali - V.N.Gaia - Portugal
Catwalk - Portugal Fashion Week - 2008
Portuguese Fans - World Cup 2006 - Porto - Portugal
Red Bull Air Race Show - Porto - Portugal


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