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Timo Skorzik

I work in Gotha, Germany
I work in the following fields of photography: Event, Landscape and Architekture, Sports and advertising photography. --- Gained contests: 1st on poster contest for the film "The Spirit" from Frank Miller, 1st on contest german christmas markets --- TV workspace: PRO SIEBEN Germany┬┤s next Topmodel --- Magazin workspace: hairfree magazine, Beverly Hills Times magazine, Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine --- work experience: 12 years

Portfolio Photos

New York Times Square
Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel
acrobatic flight on airshow in Coburg
advertising for Cleanskin Franchise GmbH
product photography W-Society for Beverly Hills Times magazine
Dom and Severi church Erfurt
baroque festival Gotha
New York Broadway
portrait working class


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