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Stephen Wandera

I work in Kampala, Uganda
Iam a self motivated photojournalists intrested in nature, business, sports and culture events

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Star Nursery and Primary School pupils in Palisa district about 15m kilometers east of Uganda capita Kampala stands on an anthill besides the school made of papyrus March 16, 2013. The school built with papyrus accommodates 170 pupils who are at risk of natural calamities like lightening and storm. Management at the school says they are in the process of building permanent classrooms. PHOTO: STEPHEN WANDERA
Floods caused due to the recent mud slides In Gombe village Bulambuli Sub County in Bulambuli district, Uganda, about 280kms from the Ugandan capital Kampala, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011. More landslides are expected as rain continues to pour. PHOTO: STEPHEN WANDERA
Farmers in Palisa district, about 15m kilometers east of Uganda capita Kampala transport fire work on carts being pulled by bulls March 15, 2013. As the world celebrated the world forest day on the theme; save a tree save, a future, Uganda’s National Forest Authority executive director Michael Mugisha attributes deforestation on human encroachment. Participants planted trees at the national referral hospital Mulago and held a public dialogue at Makerere University. PHOTO: STEPHEN WANDERA
A survivor at one of the scenes of the recent mud slides In Gombe village Bulambuli Sub County in Bulambuli district, about 280kms east of Ugandan capital Kampala, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011. The area is prone to landslides when it rains heavily. PHOTO: STEPHEN WANDERA
Uganda trader tries to catch fresh air after police fired teargas into her locked shop during a demonstration against power blackout in the capital Kampala on Tuesday November 15, 2011. Most parts in the country now go for over 36 hours without power due to power shortage and increased demand. Police fired teargas and bullets to disperse traders that had blocked several roads in the city. PHOTO: STEPHEN WANDERA
A pupil Dan Waseba ponders his next move after a road was cut off by floods in Bududa March 4. A landslide in eastern has killed 93 people. Bududa district local government has said property worth US$1.5 billion was lost and appealed for donations. Rains in Bududa have increased forcing the search team to suspend their operations. It is feared that there could be another landslide. PHOTO: STEPHEN WANDERA
Uganda Police puts out fire in capital city Kampala during riots one day after a brutal takedown of the country's top opposition politician, Kizza Besigye April 29, 2011. Police cracked open the window of Besigye's vehicle and doused him with tear gas at close range, before bundling him into the back of a pickup truck and speeding off. On Friday, demonstrators carried posters praising Besigye, blocking most roads in Kampala. PHOTO: STEPHEN WANDERA
Some of pupils victims struck by lightning in Kiyandongo about 250km north west of capital Kampala at Mulago Hospital Wednesday June 29, 2011. Officials in Uganda say a recent spate of lightning strikes has killed 15 people in one week. Several police officials across the East African nation cited incidents. In all, they said 52 people have also been wounded by the strikes. Police official Ivan Kimalyo said Tuesday that a strike last week killed three school children who were playing soccer outside. He says 10 children were wounded in that incident in eastern Uganda. He says another strike three days later killed one child and injured six others. PHOTO: STEPHEN WANDERA
Uganda opposition demonstrated in capital Kampala Monday, October 24, 2011 in support of United States of America president Barack Obama support to capture Lords Resistance Army rebel leader Joseph Kony believed to be hiding in Central Africa Republic. US is sending 100 trops to execute the mission in Sudan aand Democratic Republic of Congo Meanwhile The leader of Uganda's main opposition party is appealing to local and international human rights groups to "rescue" him from being confined to his home after an arrest.Kizza Besigye said Saturday that there are over 100 policemen surrounding his home and farm. He said he has been illegally confined to his home and is running short of food, as he is blocked from leaving.


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