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Afriadi Hikmal

I work in Jakarta, Indonesia
I have experience covering news, features, sport, event and stories in Indonesia and Asia, currently based in Jakarta. See more: http://afriadihikmal.blogspot.com

Portfolio Photos

Residents cross a flooded section of Jalan Thamrin on Thursday night, January 17, 2013. Flooding caused by rain and a collapsed embankment paralyzed Jakarta.
In the past, stone jumping in Nias, North Sumatra, Indonesia, was intended to prepare young people to be ready for war. Those who could jump over the stone (2 meters high) were considered mature and capable to join the war.
Gymnasts practicing for a floor routine in Raden Inten sports hall, Jakarta, Indonesia. A practicing for Sea Games, the regional tournament will be hosted by Indonesia in November 2012.
Buyung, a Sumatran tiger when weighed in Lampung, Indonesia, before being released into the wild at Tambling Wildlife Nature Conversation. Before being released, Buyung underwent "training" at a special facility to re-learn the skills of wild tigers.
A finicky shopper selecting produce even as a train whizzes past at Kebayoran Lama station in South Jakarta, Indonesia.
Standing therapy is helping straighten there children bones at Wisma Tuna Ganda Palsigunung, West Java, Indonesia. In Palsigunung, agroup of people afflicted by celebral palsy and other disabilities and who have know each other since childhood spend their days undergoing physical therapy and counseling.
Protesters lying at the feet of riot police following scuffles in front of the House of Representatives building in Jakarta, Indonesia. The several hundred there were calling on the president to resign over the Bank Century bailout scandal.
A resident picking through the debris of his house, which was demolished by the strong waves in Kalibaru, Jakarta, Indonesia. Dozens houses in Kalibaru were destroyed by 2.5 - 3.5 meter tall waves early Wednesday morning.
Passengers sit on the rooftop of a commuter train as it arrives at the Manggarai train station in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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