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Duilio Marconi

I work in London, United Kingdom
I am qualified and experienced freelance photo journalist and documentary photographer based in London, UK I have worked in studio for different projects as a Fashion Photographer in collaborations with other Photographers and dealing with Editing, Retouching, Manipulation and clipping paths. Over 13 years experience of editing and retouching. I have worked with new and emerging designers to create look books and promotional website images.

Portfolio Photos

Freelance Fashion Photographer at London Fashion Week accreditation by New York Times USA
Photograph take for Canon at London Fashion Week.
Fashion Portrait.
Agent Provocateur freelance work.
Project Bag advertisements.
Back Stage at London Fashion Week.
Project for Truman Gallery in London. The Masculinity in Italian Culture.
Street Fashion in London.
Project for Gallery KG52 in Stockholm. Drawing and the Body.


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