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Spencer Selvidge

I work in Austin, United States
Spencer is an editorial and commercial photographer. He has traveled extensively in the United States, Central America, Australia, and much of Europe. He is enthralled with and devoted to capturing the individual essence of his subjects and locations – especially those in Texas. Spencer looks forward to working with you to bring his creative energies and experience together with yours.

Portfolio Photos

Waiting for his checkup at a Carousel Pediatrics center, under investigation for Medicaid fraud, in Austin, Texas.
A portrait of Preston Hughes a month before his execution. October, 2012.
Urban Farming: Planing cabbage at Springdale Farm in Austin, Texas.
Student in Prof. Dennis Darling's introductory photography course at the University of Texas at Austin.
The ignition point of the 2011 Bastrop Complex Fires in Bastrop Co., Texas. Over 1,600 homes were destroyed.
Miss Rodeo Austin 2012
Dr. Jim Luecke checking in on a patient during his monthly medical mission to Candelaria, Texas.
A mother nervously touches her daughters arm at the St. Louis Zoo.
The annual members meeting at The Blanco Bowling Club and Cafe in Blanco, Texas. May, 2012.


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