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Peter Duke

I work in Pacific Palisades, United States
I have been making photographs for 40 years. For half of that time I shot fashion and beauty and now mostly landscapes, architecture and reportage. My emphasis is on aesthetics and I'm always working to get the most "beautiful" shot.

Portfolio Photos

12 year old actress/model Milla Jovovich
Photographer Gavin Farrell was one of seventy photographers working for xRez to create the largest digital image ever created in Yosemite Valley.
26 year old actress Sharon Stone.
Seattle Public Library
Super Scooper battling Southern California Fires
Winter Solstice in Los Cabos (Cabo San Lucas)
Seven Pillars of Wisdom in Wadi Rum, Jordan
Political Pundit and Tea Party activist Bill Whittle
RC Glider pilot Jamie Budge flying his plane in the Pacific Palisades, CA.


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