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Todd Klassy

I work in Havre, United States
Professional commercial, editorial photographer, and photojournalist specializing in travel, advertising, and western photography. I cover much of the west including Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, South Dakota, and North Dakota, but I specialize in Montana photography.

Portfolio Photos

A cowgirl and her horse as the sun sets over eastern Montana.
The old Cottonwood Lutheran Church is abandoned on what is now pasture land north of Havre, Montana.
Three bison (or buffalo as they are known locally) dash across the open prairie in front of me on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in Montana.
A candid profile shot of an old cowboy on a ranch near Cleveland, Montana.
An old, abandoned schoolhouse and school yard in what was once Savoy, Montana.
A husband and wife hiking in a forest inside Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.
Snow falls over the Wisconsin State Capitol during a snow storm in Madison, Wisconsin.
Crossroads on a foggy morning outside of Belleville, Wisconsin.
A cowboy roping calves for branding ona ranch near Lloyd, Montana.


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