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Riaan Roux

I work in Klerksdorp, South Africa
Every photo tells a story. I look for photos that say as much as possible about a person, environment or event without adding redundant clutter while not losing detail. I am energetic and love to find those shots at every occasion which will summarize what is important to the whole. I prefer not to do heavy editing in software, but rather get the shot right in camera.

Portfolio Photos

L39 Crash @ Klerksdorp Airshow 2012
Bikers ToyRun 2012 (South Africa)
Nicholis Louw (musician - South Africa) plays guitar at event
Members of the AWB @ Eugene Terre'Blanche Murder Trial
ANC Supporters at protest
Lawyer of Patrick Ndlovu speaks to him during his trial in Eugene Terre'Blanche Murder Trial
Lawyer for Chris Mahlangu speaks to the court during his trial for murder
Tree crushes car in parking lot in Klerksdorp
Miss South Africa is Welcomed Home during function in Klerksdorp


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