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Brendan Montgomery

I work in Ottawa, Canada
Hey, I’m Brendan, a freelance photojournalist based in Ottawa, Canada. I'm currently shooting news and events along with a few documentary projects. I also happen to be available for any assignment you may have.

Portfolio Photos

A Guy Fawkes masked anonymous protester stands outside the Israeli embassy in Ottawa during a protest for Gaza.
A Congolese protester is held back by another protester after getting in an argument with a police officer during a march against the exploitation of the Congo in Ottawa.
Doctors and medical students protest refugee health cuts on Parliament Hill.
Hundreds of protesters turned out in Ottawa to protest Prime Minister Harper's environmental policies.
Snow blows off a giant Palestinian flag into protesters during a march for Gaza.
Thousands of people show up to Parliament Hill on 4/20 to protest for legalization of Cannabis in Canada.
A couple embraces during a student protest. Around 1,400 students, activists and union members march from Confederation park in Ottawa across the river to Gatineau to protest in solidarity with the striking students of Quebec.
Protesters gather on Parliament Hill to show solidarity with Gaza after marching from the University of Ottawa.
Protesters have a cover up a man playing dead in the streets of downtown Ottawa a march against the exploitation of the Congo.


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