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Johann Brandstatter

I work in Sofia, Bulgaria
Photojournalist & documentary photographer based in Bulgaria. I mostly work in the Balkans and the Middle East, specializing in conflicts and crises, transport, defense and environmental issues as well as travel photography.

Portfolio Photos

Veiled women during an anti-Israel rally in Istanbul.
Polish KFOR soldiers in the Serbian part of northern Kosovo
Bobov Dol thermal power plant, western Bulgaria, cloud of smoke coming out of the smokestack
Bulgarian special police running during a mass rally in central Sofia
'Hawks of Romania' aerobatics team during formation flight against cloudy sky
Bridge of Peace in central Tbilisi, Georgia
Veiled woman selling icons on the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia
Remote village in the Greater Caucasus, Georgia
Cruise ship on the European shore of the Bosporus, Istanbul


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