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I work in Durango, Mexico
I´m photographer since 1992, working to offices in Durango´s Education Buro press office, Governor´s press office, Durango´s Mayor press office, "El Siglo de Durango" newspaper, "Victoria de Durango" newspaper, and freelance services. I take Weddings & Portraits too.

Portfolio Photos

Pyrotechnics aside Durango's Cathedral during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Mexican independence
Intentional deforestation to tackle the scourge of worm and beetle, affecting 122.000 hectares of pine forest
Ancient Tombs Funerary Art Museum in Durango Municipal Pantheon
Leymah Gbowee 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, in conference in Durango, Mexico.
Calle 13 concert in the opening of the Durango´s City Fest "El Festival de la Ciudad Durango"
Jorge Castañeda Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico
View of the old St. Charles Hotel in Historic Downtown Durango
Sara Suzan Hradecky Ambassador of Canada to Mexico
Singer Luis Eduardo Aute in concert during Revueltas Festival


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