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Matti Pirhonen

I work in Lohja, Finland
I am press and commercial photographer. I started photographing in the eihgties. Photographing became my full-time profession year 2012. I take photos for newspapers, magazines and companies: people, events, whatever. I am specialized in high speed photography and micro/macro photography. And, I am an editor, too. I live at Lohja, Finland, near Helsinki, Espoo, Hanko and Salo.

Portfolio Photos

Janne Ropponen has been MAF pilot in Uganda and Mongolia. Nowadays he is part-time executive director of Maf Finland and part-time pilot flying Finnair's Embraer jet planes. Photo is taken above east Helsinki.
Elsa Heikkinen (front) and Maija Maunula (back) participated a cayaking pirgrimage at lake Saimaa in July 2011.
In 2010 Johan Bäckman (right) organized a demonstration against the council of Diocese of Espoo to support his friend Juha Molari (left). Most of the demonstrators were russian speaking people imported from Estonia.
Heikki Orama, opera singer and cantor at Karjalohja church, Finland.
A drunken driver crashed two parked cars, made U-turn and crashed two other parked cars and overturned his car at Lohja in 2010. I was second person at place. I teared off the hatch (now on the ground) by bare hands, shut down the engine and checked the driver had no bleeding wounds. When ambulance arrived, I was not needed any more, so I started to take photos.
Inger Palojärvi with her traditional Lappi/Saami clothes. She lives at Palojärvi village at Enontekiö, Finland.
Asko Muraja, vicar of Enontekiö and Muonio evangelical-lutheran parishes, Finland.
Larissa Mäenpää is making candles at Juhava candle factory, Lohja, Finland.
A glass of apple lemonade explodes. My specialties are high spheed and microscope photography.


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