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Mikel Flamm

I work in Bangkok, Thailand
Since moving to Thailand in 1990 I have worked on various freelance assignments on Cambodian refugees, conflicts along the Thai-Cambodian border and humanitarian issues. I have worked assignment with the United Nations, CARE, World Vision International, Newsweek, Getty Images, Gamma Liaison, Associated Press, Peace Corp and Habitat for Humanity. I have entensive experience working in disaster response situations.

Portfolio Photos

Villagers extract metal from concrete in one of the affected regions of Chengdu, China where the earthquake leveled this community. 2008
Affected villagers living in a tent following the 2005 earthquake in Balakot, Pakistan. 2007
A woman at work in a dumpsite near Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
A Buddhist monk sprays water into the mouth of a tiger in a temple that cares for tigers and other abandoned animals in Thailand.
Three Vietnamese teenage girls stand at the entrance to a brothel north of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Two men from a leprosy rehabilitation community in Yunnan, China
Ten year old child soldier at a base camp along the Thai-Burma border.
Scavengers at work in a dumpsite near Danang, Vietnam.
A young girl who lives with her family in a tent community with her family, following the 2005 earthquake in Balakot, Pakistan.


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