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Mohamed Elsayyed

I work in Cairo, Egypt
My main focus is photojournalism. As I believe that photography can make a significant difference in this world. Topics including human rights, peace, environment, health disabilities, or generally politics and community come on the top my priority of interests.

Portfolio Photos

"After The Spring" Tear-sheet: The Journal of Commerce (Issue: November 14, 2011).
“Al Jazeera fue el canal de información más creíble de la Primavera Árabe” Tear-sheet: El Molinillo (Issue: November 2011)
Egypt, 2011 - Hundred thousands of Egyptian anti-government protesters gather in Tahrir square calling for Mubarak to step down.
Stork bird
Tree branches in sunlight
Fashion obsession
Egypt, 2011 - Young men running away from tear gas hit by security forces during clashes in Mohamed Mahmoud street on November 2011
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