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Matthew Aslett

I work in London, United Kingdom
Matthew is a documentary photographer. A graduate of Newport University in Wales, Matthew works freelance for various clients which have included the United Nations, the Norwegian Refugee Council and the NUJ. He has been published both internationally and domestically in a number of newspapers and magazines. International projects include Womens rights in Palestine, the Indian occupation of Kashmir, and human rights in Western Sahara.

Portfolio Photos

Smara Refugee Camp. Western Sahara, 2010.
Stratford. London, 2012.
Camberwell. London, 2009.
Punk: An Aesthetic book signing, Rough Trade East. London, 2012.
Narrow boat, Victoria Park. London, 2012.
Boris Johnson visits Pimlico Academy School. London, 2012.
Tourist's car is blown up by Police. London, 2012.
Polisario solider. Western Sahara, 2011.
Security close the city during the Olympic Games. London, 2012.


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