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Ramon Costa

I work in Barcelona, Spain
Freelancer photographer specializing in photojournalism Also conducted under special orders, social reportage, advertising, fashion, social events, gossip, books and books for special models erotic models

Portfolio Photos

Catalonia regional police mifestacion in the general strike of March 29
A couple of Catalonia regional police patrol along the promenade Comarruga in El Vendrell Tarragona Spain in the fight against illegal vendors
Party with fireworks called "Correfocs" run with fire in local festivals Coma-rruga in Tarragona Spain
Concert Performance Spanish singer David Bustamante in Barcelona
A child is under a giant flag in the concentration Catalina Catalonia Day September 11 National Day of Catalonia
A woman begging in the streets of Barcelona, ​​in Catalonia poverty is evident
Photocall Pornstar Nacho Vidal in Barcelona Erotic Salon
A firefighter barcelona off a trash burned in the aftermath of a demonstration
A protester throws a stone at a regional police van de Catalunya unit during a protest riot


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