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Jay Verspeelt

I work in Windsor, Canada
I am student journalist studying at St. Clair College in Windsor Ontario. I have been a photographer for the last seven years. I have worked as a contributor for Truth Explosion Magazine, WindsoriteDOTca, Converged Citizen and The Lance. I am interested in being a foreign correspondent/photographer/videographer for a news agency. I am interested in shooting people and the human condition.

Portfolio Photos

Windsor Police arrest woman on Argyle street over drugs in Windsor Ontario. 2012
Converged Citizen Editor Sam De La Point revises article in Windsor Ontario. 2011
Little girl holds sign at anti-Assad rally in Windsor Ontario. 2012
A man plays the bongos at a Sunday afternoon large gathering at the foot of Mount Royal in Montreal. 2010
Taylor Lamothe wipes hands across his face while at his workplace, Mountain Street Kitchen, in Montreal. 2010
A groom is chased by brides maids during a wedding shoot in Windsor Ontario. 2010
A man crosses traffic on Younge Street during a busy afternoon in Toronto. 2011
Jessica Fairhurst plunges a toilet during a 1950s housewife photo shoot in Windsor Ontario. 2010
CAW President Ken Lewenza speaks to anti-Gaddafi protesters at City Hall Square in Windsor Ontario. 2011


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