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Timo Jakonen

I work in Turku, Finland
Professional photographer with long experience in various kinds of photography. News as well as advertising. In Finland, Europe, but also Far East: China, Cambodia, Mongolia, Russia, Philippines..

Portfolio Photos

Newsphoto of the Year 2003. "Iraqgate" scandal. Prime Minister Anneli Jäätteenmäki is asking President Tarja Halonen to be relieved of her duties as the Prime Minister at Kultaranta, the President's summer residence. For Turun Sanomat
Deadline II. A picture of a sailing boat plowing through a thick matt of Blue-green algae in Baltic Sea. A winning picture of a competition about the situation of Baltic Sea. For Turun Sanomat
Sus scrofa domestica (lat.) A Vietnamese pig on his everyday afternoon walk in Finish suburban area. His name is Paavo and everybody knows him. For Turun Sanomat newspaper.
The lost children of Cambodia. A little boy sitting in a Phnom Penh park, not seeing or hearing anything, head full of glue. For Turun Sanomat.
Going mobile in Shanghai, China. Turun Sanomat.
The Turku Cathedral in fog.
Cocktail snack by the winning Chef Erik Mansikka in Logomo Kitchen, Turku, Finland. For Turun Sanomat 2013.
Mongolia after rain.
A protestor standing on top of the Communist Party Headquarters in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. An uprising after Election. Turun Sanomat.


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