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Dave Fong

I work in San Francisco, United States
I am a Sports / Action Photographer often doing work for different Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Magazine. Along with Shooting MMA, I also shoot different sporting events (drifting, Motorsports, Soccer, Boxing, Rugby, Baseball, Hockey, Football & Basketball) and have published work in different Automotive Magazines. I feel I have an creative eye and often can find different angles to make an image interesting. If you have an assignment and need a experienced photographer, feel free to contact me.

Portfolio Photos

Magazine feature article shot for DSPORT Magazine
Sean M. Professional race car driver photoshoot. Shot for DSPORT Magazine.
N1 concept Re-Grand Opening. Shot for DSPORT Magazine.
On location photography for clients logo.
On location photo shoot for client's magazine ad.
N1 Concept Model. Shot for DSPORT Magazine.
Rear Naked Choke at cageside, shoot through the fence. Shot for FightStylez Magazine & On The Mat.
UFC fighter Rob Everson, shot at cage side through the fence. Shot for FightStylez magazine and On The Mat.
Knock out of the night! Shot through the fence right on impact! For Fightstylez Magazine & On The Mat.


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