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gautam khandelwal

I work in Agra, India
I am technical pro, leading the way in Still Life and creative product ,landscape,documentary photography for over 7 years. Working with a variety of regular clientele Gautam is a renowned professional within the manufacturing world of shoes & jwellery etc, & love doing landscape as well as documentary photography. My creative needs are exceeded with the ability to produce diverse, imaginative and technically outstanding images, which have set the benchmark for quality.

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playing with donkey, landscape ,ladakh,mountain,india
peace, fire ,temple,yellow,black,
rocks,balance,trust,worship gautam buddha,dusk,tempel rocks
travellers, india, rajisthan, colors, comady, composition, compose, way of talking, travel
dog love,pet love , black dog, girl ,yellow
church , cross , god house
rajisthan , black & white ,landscape, houses , city ,
polo match, elephant, stick, animal used for benefit, india , group , match ,night,jungle elephant, elephant trainers


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