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Jeff Bauche

I work in Namur, Belgium
Jeff Bauche is a 29-year old french speaking photographer based in Belgium. He studied photography at the Brussels School of Photography. He is now specialized in Reportages, Portraits, Travels and Architecture. He also has a never-ending appetite for experiencing the world and its different cultures through photography.

Portfolio Photos

Rajasthan - India
Pah-O Tribe - Buma (Myanmar)
Pah-O Tribe - Buma (Myanmar). Won a couple of International Photo Contests in 2011
Black Saddhu praying dark hinduists gods from South India - Nepal 2008
We are the 99 % Indignated reportage - Brussels 2011
We are the 99 % Indignated reportage - Brussels 2011
Photoreportage about a medieval reconstitution with Templars in the medieval castel of Bouillon, Belgium. Famous for beeing Godefroy de Bouillon's hometown. Godefroy de Bouillon became the first king of Jerusalem after the First Crusade.
Smoke Nude studio shooting
Architecture / Design sample
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