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Rob Engelaar

I work in Geldrop, Netherlands
Just started, but published in various major newspapers in the Netherlands. Rob Engelaar has a great passion for photography. Not only an overview of a subject is given in the photo's, he also tries to capture it's emotion. For Rob, photography is a hobby and will always be! Feel free to contact Rob or give a look at his other portfolio at www.engelaar.info.

Portfolio Photos

German Leopard II tank crushes a vehicle during the Landmacht-dagen 2012
Last remains of restaurant "Het Paradijs" before it was demolished. This place was an eye-catcher entering the town of Geldrop.
A major fire at Hoebergen in Someren, summer of 2011
A GRIP 1 fire at a horsestable in Nuenen, june 2012
Royal Dutch Commandos blast down a door, entering a compound.
Masca, a little village in Tenerife. In 2011, great forestfires demolished parts of this town, scarring the nature surrounding it.
A GRIP 1 fire at a horsestable in Nuenen, june 2012
One of the biggest forestfires the Netherlands have ever known: The Strabrechtse Heide Fire of july 2010. Over 220 hectares of forest were destroyed after 7 days of extinguishing. This situation was classified as GRIP4 distaster scenario.
A demonstration of the new Boxer Vehicle at Oirschot Military Base, 2012.


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