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Marc Wijtkamp

I work in Pernis, Netherlands
I started years ago with analog video, moved to digital photography later. I have been a press photographer for about 5 years with the official dutch police presscard. Since late 2011 moved from press photography more and more towards events, festivals, productphotography and local governement. I always try to make a photo from a different angle or perspective to create something special. I have been educated by one of the better high-fashion photographer of Europe.

Portfolio Photos

Old IMAX movie theater collaps
Huge fire Chemie-Pack Moerdijk NL
Search & Rescue in Rotterdam
Parkpop 2011, biggest free open-air music festival The Hague NL
Auto exibith RAI Amsterdam NL
Ben Saunders performing at the hairdresser of the year competition gala
Summerfestival Queen 2011 Rotterdam
Summerfestival 2011 Rotterdam NL
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