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Anjo de Haan

I work in Warffum, Netherlands
I am working as photojournalist for press-agency's ANP and Hollandse Hoogte in The Netherlands.

Portfolio Photos

Fire in Uithuizen, The Netherlands.
Rememberingday for murdered policeagent Dick Haveman, in Groningen, The Netherlands
Protestaction from GreenPeace in the Eemshaven, against the energyconcern RWE / Esssent for building a cole-central
Summer in may, 2012. Suddenly a strong fog appaers at the coast and lowers the temperature several degrees.
Portrait of artist Roelie Vegter, Hornhuizen, in the Province of Groningen, The Netherlands.
Portrait of galleryholder Jan van Weerden, Hornhuizen, The Netherlands.
Modern farmerery.
Portrait of a young musician Lotte, playing her Cello.
Photo taken from politician Femke Halsema, leader of Groen Links, during the campagne.


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