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Rafal Pikul

I work in London, United Kingdom
Hi, I am a London based freelancer photographer. I shoot for few years with Canon gear & Canon L lenses. I specialise in people & event photography. I love to travel. Please fell free to contact me for any commissioned work within Great Britain. I happy to travel anywhere in the world too. I know English, Polish & basics of Czech, Slovak, Russian & Spain. Thank you for taking time to go through my profile.

Portfolio Photos

Clapham Junction riots, London
legless person running a London Marathon
reporter interviewing people during the Royal Wedding, London 2011
Prince William & Harry driving for William's Wedding
Queen Elizabeth & Prince Charles driving for William's Wedding
Katie & her father driving for William's & Kate's Wedding
Clapham Junction riots, London
Croydon riots, big fire of furniture shop, London
International media reporting during the riots in London 20122


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