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Alex Coghe

I work in Mexico City, Mexico
Photojournalist currently based on Mexico City. Born in Rome (Italy) in 1975, essentially a Street Photographer. He was introduced to photography in the analog era, but things got serious in the digital age. Now he applies the philosophy and approach of analog to his digital shots. His style is marked by raw street photography images with the obsession of the decisive moment, but always with a documentary eye. In Mexico is involved with a large personal project called “Mexicans” tended to describe the Mexican man in daily life. Strong advocate of sharing photographic knowledge he has published several books on photographic technique and culture and he’s giving street photography workshops. Currently correspondent from Mexico for Prisma News, a national information periodic. Many articles were published for important national daily newspapers, Il Giornale, La Stampa and also for The Leica Camera Blog. He works on assignment for The Telegraph. He is also photoeditor for two photography magazines: Hyde Park Photography and LSP, Life as a street photographer. He is also proud to be creator and administrator of two street photography communities on internet. In 2011 he is one of the involved photographers to the international street photography show You Are Here, in Los Angeles, California, event sponsorized by Leica. An experience that allowed him to develope his skills and refine its approach to the street.

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