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Ilker Gurer

I work in Istanbul, Turkey
I began my passion for photography in the summer of 2004 and I've been freelancing ever since for various publications in news and documentary. With my work I attempt to examine urban transformation and human strength when faced with hardship. My expertise of photographies are on Portraits,Photojournalistic Works,Lifestyle,Editorial and Corporate Photography.

Portfolio Photos

Corporate Portraits
Corporrate Portraits
Turkish Swimming Team
Daily Life;Scene from Simferapol Ukraine
Travel, Ishak Pasha Palace in Agri,Turkey
Daily Life,People enjoying their life in Uskudar,Istanbul
News,Protest-Labor Day in Istanbul
News Photography-Islamist Protest Gaza Incursion in Istanbul
Lifestyle,Daily Life; Image of Bashar Al-Asad appears on the giant tv screen in the main parts of the Istanbul,while birds fly over it.


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