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jordan antonio ordenes poque

I work in Santiago, Chile
hello, my name is jordan live in Santiago, Chile, photographer and also independent worker. studied photography and visual communication ICEL technical training center, also studied photography at the communications escula Alps. Right now I am dedicated to estoi what journalistic photography, but I also like photography artistic photography has its beauty each try to capture that beauty best.

Portfolio Photos

marcha por aysen 20/03/2012
protest law S.O.P.A. 23/01/2012
Aysen manifestation 24/02/2012
Aysen manifestation 24/02/2012
Aysen manifestation 24/02/2012
student march 19/01/2012
march for education 29/09/2012
student march 19/01/2012
national march for education 15/03/2012


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