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I work in Nurmijärvi, Finland
I am 44 years old freelancer photographer from Nurmijärvi, Finland. I started photography in 1997 and my interest in documentary photography has been growing year by year. I like to shoot a variety of items, portraits, landscapes, street photography etc. You can find my websites: http://www.teijokurkinen.fi

Portfolio Photos

skating, winter, ice, speed, sport, hockey
Rome, Rooma, via propacanda,red,yellow, street, woman, old, colorful
summer, girl, young, color, yellow, sun, day,colorful, child
yuong, girl, woman, home, window, mother, child
St Petersburg, street, nevsky prospect, woman, man, wheelchair, veteran, short, dwarf, Piter
taxi, meter,driver,night
yuong, girl, sleep, bed, Creek, hot, summer
old, room, sofa,living room, winter, cold, snow
Piter, st petersburg, old ,woman,young, street,
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