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Evan Bishop

I work in San Diego, United States
I have worked as a freelance photographer for the past ten years. Originally from the East Coast, I relocated to San Diego, and have been concentrating on wedding photography since 2008. Prior to that, I worked as a freelance photojournalist documenting news stories, working with non-profit agencies, universities and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Although I am still working in wedding photography, I would love to get back to shooting freelance assignments.

Portfolio Photos

Navigating the flooded and debris riddled streets of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.
Byron Copping navigates his boat through the flooded streets of his childhood neighborhood after hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans.
Portrait of Inuit woman in Anchorage Alaska.
Photograph of interview by Washington University professor William Rodgers above Anchorage Alaska documenting the ongoing effects of the Valdez Oil Spill on subsistance peoples of Alaska.
Bill Eppridge speaks and presents his work at the flying shortcourse in Washington, DC in March, 2005 for the National Press Photographers Association.
A border collie and handler 'shed' sheep during the Longshot trial in Delaware.
Commercial shoot for makeup brushes. Composite image.
Sisters collect green beans from their family's organic farm on Cape Cod during their summer home from school.


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