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Niklas Larsson

I work in Stockholm, Sweden
I have been working as a photographer for 14 years. I have worked for most of the major newspapers and agencies in Sweden and some of the largest picture agencies in the world. I have covered news and sports events in around 35 countries all over the world. For example I have covered two Olympic Games, a Soccer World Cup, three Athletics World Championships and the conflict in Kosovo. My pictures have been published in many newspapers around the world, such as Washington Post, NY Times etc.

Portfolio Photos

The Swedish artist Robyn, in Stockholm, Sweden 2011.
Mikael Andersson was born without arms and legs. Despite that he lives a happy life with his wife and four children in Gothenburg, Sweden. (2009) The picture is part of the picture story "Mikael Unlimited" which was awarded 2nd best published picture story, large markets, in Best Of Photojournalism and an Award Of Excellence in POYi Feature Picture Story. The story was also awarded Scanpix Grand Photo Award 2009.
An US Airways Airbus A320 crashes in the Hudson River in New York, January 15, 2009.
The war in Kosovo between Serbs and Albanians cost many lives of Albanian civilians, and many of the Albanians fled to other countries around the world. Some of them came to the small village of Ånge in Sweden. (1999)
Riots during the G8 meetings in Gothenburg, Sweden. Several thousands of people demonstrated against the G8 meetings where both George Bush and Tony Blair were present, among others. Most stores along the biggest shopping street in downtown Gothenburg got ruined during the riots. One demonstrator got shot down by police and he got serious injurys but he survived. The picture was awarded an Award Of Excellence in Society For News Design’s international contest. (2001)
Crisis at the SAAB plant in Trollhättan, Sweden. More than a thousand jobs are in danger by closing down the factory. Workers leaving after an information meeting with their heads bowed down. (The picture won 2nd price in The 2005 Swedish Picture Of The Year Awards in the news category.)
The unbeatable is beatable. Supersprinter Usain Bolt is defeated by USA’s Tyson Gay in the Golden League in Athletics in Stockholm, Sweden. (2010)
The 2002 Soccer World Cup 1/8 final game between Brazil and Belgium. Belgium’s Bart Goor kicks Brazil’s Juhinho Paulista on the nose.
Sweden’s Therese Alshammar in the 4x100 meter medley relay during the 2001 Swimming World Championships in Fukuoka, Japan.


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