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Joop Wever

I work in Tilburg, Netherlands
As a child I drew movies on paper for 'projecting' through the hole of the dining room chair. Especially distant countries, great wonders of the world and cartoons came over. Later on I was interested in the Illustrated Classics, a perfect way to meet international literature in comic form. At the drawing Academy I learned to combine photography with silkscreen. With some students founded a screen printing company and printed posters for home occupiers, anti-war demos, political forums and music performances. It gave me the opportunity to develop my own work, collages of mixed mediums on large wood plates. With a loan I bought in 1993 a second hand Mac IIx and learned Photoshop and design programs, untill deep in the night. The dark room was not longer necessary, it's a long time since I've smelled fixative! Nowadays the city government, social cultural institutions and small business are my principals for photography, bookcover and newsletters design.

Portfolio Photos

Playing checkers
Expensive euro in Lithuania
History and future in Germany
Winter landscape
Horse parking
Gipsy festival
Carnaval streetband
Portraits on the dance floor
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