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Chris Grossmeier

I work in Minneapolis, United States
Just a geek with a camera. I have been a photographer for publications since 1988. My contributions include Chippewa Herald Telegram, Minneapolis StarTribune, Metro Magazine, and State of Minnesota Annual Report. I am a member of the National Press Photographers Association. I primarily shoot with a Nikon D300s (Soon D4), Sony DSX-TX9, and my iPhone. I always have a camera on me and I shoot anything/everything interesting or news worthy.

Portfolio Photos

St. Paul Inline Marathon
Finding love in the museum
Korean War Memorial
Red Barron Pizza Stunt Planes over St. Paul, MN
Damn Cold! Isabella, MN
Finishing the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon
Hunter Kemper winning the grand prize at Lifetime Triathlon
Memorial to the children killed by war. Grant Park, Chicago
REmembering the dead. St. Paul Capitol Grounds.
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