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Magnus Arnesson

I work in Malmo, Sweden
Age 42. Started off in the early years with my first dark room when I was eleven. Did som local newspaper work between ages 17 to 25. Shooting alpine skiing was a favourite at the time. After that I drifted more and more into diving and started my under water career that led to 3600 dives and certifications to do what ever and breathe what ever I want under water. Now I´ve decided to spend more time on land and take a couple steps back as I go forward... This time I am not leaving the camera.

Portfolio Photos

A marketing campaign for a Swedish yoga mat brand. It´s intention was to show that it doesn´t matter where you do your practise, as long as you do it. Your light comes from within.
Just an idea of trying to capture the true north winter light. Everything with fishing is out of season.
A short deco stop after a deep dive in Malta. The jellyfish is called fried egg and is harmless.
Practise at one of Sweden´s biggest Ashtanga Yoga schools; Yoga Shala Stockholm.
Christmas Show at Split Dansstudio, Malmö.
A job promoting a webshop selling roller skis.
A sunday excursion to Scandinavia´s biggest skate park; Stapelbäddsparken, Malmö.
Kids skating close to the bridge that connects Sweden to Europe.
A lonely skater on the ice between Sweden and Denmark.


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