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John Lines

I work in Horsham, United Kingdom
My photographic experience goes back to 1966 but I entered into commerce as a career but in 2005 decided to go full time freelance as a photographer having been part-time for many years prior. I work regularly for local newspapers and National Magazines including Runners World, Sussex Life and several Digital Photography Magazines. Specialist subjects are Sports, Landscapes and Journalistic.

Portfolio Photos

Demonstration over the proposed closure of Broadbridge Haeth Leisure Centre
Former Chancellor Alistair Darling visiting Millais School
TV and Radio Personality Chris Evans at a school unit opening, Rudgwick.
The Costa Concordia seen at Funchal Harbour, Madeira.
Cabinet Minister Frances Maude leads a landfill protest at Ashington
Lord Coe reading The Resident at Tanbridge School
Monty Panesar Sussex v Derby
Potential Suicide at Horsham Station. Police intervened and he was safe.
Unison Protest, Horsham December 2011


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