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Steef Meyknecht

I work in Amsterdam, Netherlands
As a photographer I'm interested in social subjects and portraits. Freelance I'm working for the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Dutch administration, housing Corporations, Newspapers, and Weeklies. Furthermore I'm traveling around the world. In 2011 I've been in Dutch Guinea for he university of Leiden. My website is SteefMeyknecht.nl Steef Meyknecht 2011

Portfolio Photos

Riding School, Almelo, The Netherlands
Oase coffeeshop, Venlo, The Netherlands, sale
mrs Yilmaz, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam, Mosque administration
City Security, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Bigi Jari 50, Party Eunice Snijders Schiedam, The Netherlands
Selami, owner Ankara Supermarket. Schiedam, The Netherlands
Wouter Bos, finance minister. Schiedam, The Netherlands
Municipality of Amsterdam, civilian evening.


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