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Mahshid Rasti

I work in Solna, Sweden
I have been photographing since I was 13 and the last few years I have worked more serious with developing my skills in photography and imaging. I am virtually self-learned as I have passed some courses to improve my skills in the area. I'm passionate about photography and have been telling stories through my pictures since I was a little girl. I also want to capture/share/internalise beauty that exists all around me. I therefore rarely leave the house without my camera and lenses. i love to shoot landscapes, urbanity and nature , and people. street photographing is one of my favorites , and camera for me is a the best tool to contact people and hear their stories. I haven’t been so active for publishing my pictures yet and this is the first time i register my self in a photo site. I have published some pictures in some Persian culture magazines and websites.

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